Hi, I am Lena Panova, 
User Experience Designer 
based in Moscow.

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What I Can Do


User Research

I conduct a user research to define personas and problem space. I believe that the right questions at the interview and empathy are the core to get the right insights.

Concept Ideation

Using ideation techniques, I brainstorm possible ideas with a team. Together we turn ideas into concepts based on human-centered approach.


To get to a final solution, I create prototypes with different fidelity and develop the approach for validation with users.


I design user interface with clear user flow and intended user experience. I apply my knowledge in design guidelines and keep in mind users' mental models.

My Projects


Desktop+Mobile design

Landing Page - Kaiken Drones

The design of Landing Page for the Kaiken light show drones 

Desktop design

Get Teacher

The design of an online education platform for teachers

Mobile design


The design concept of a citizen-centric smart campus application to bridge the gap between people and places.

Interactive installation

Sound Studio

The interactive space that allows visitors to experience the sound-making process for movies using everyday objects.

Interactive experience


An interactive experience for art museums that helps to establish a connection between visitors and artworks.

My experience

Understanding clients

I’ve develop the skill to hear the stakeholders, idetify their real needs and design sollutions to improve processes.

Effective collaboration

My knowledge in technologies allows me to speak the same language with business stakeholders as well as with development team.

Project management

I led brainstorming sessions with my colleagues to generate the pool of ideas which formed the foundation for further iterative development.  



As a product owner, I balanced between user and business needs to create a viable improvement of the product.



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